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CLOROFILLA represents the nexus between the consolidated experience of Phytolite in the field of indoor grow lights design and two other companies considered world leaders in the design and manufacturing of LED: CREE and OSRAM.

The line consists of four lamps industrial quality made, with very high rates in PAR emissions and rated power, respectively 80W – 175W – 350W – 525W.

The excellent ratio between absorbed energy and emitted PAR is obtained through the use of advanced electrical elements which ranks the CLOROFILLA line, in the facts, among the best indoor grow lights existing in the world.

Each module consists of a last generation COB CREE CXB 3070 chip, with Real Power factor of about 50W. The chip is positioned centrally and surrounded by 12 High Power Chips OSRAM OSLON SSL 80 (holder the best LED component’s title for horticulture) for a total of 85W per module.

The spectrum (all the features available on the website) records really important peaks of PAR emissions (PPFD), reaching even higher values when both channels are in use. The COB components are also equipped with new boron silicate lenses with optimized angle for Indoor growth, which perfectly complement the activities performed by OSRAM 3W chips. All lenses are interchangeable and easy replaceable with different angles to better adapt to the different cover areas / emissions needs.

CLOROFILLA does not lack, as for the other sets of PhytoLEDs lamps, the possibility of cascade connection between a lighting system and the other, such that it is ideal to cover large areas of indoor growing, big growrooms and greenhouses for professional horticulture.

The series of LED based lights is served by the “Phytolite Euro Tech Support” assistance and repair service Europe-wide and is covered by support warranty and quick repair.

Like all the other Phytolite weblog indoor LED lighting systems, also this is subjected to longevity and robustness tests (min. 24 hours of electronic part quality monitoring) before being introduced to the market.

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